Hurricane season is at its peak at the moment, its always best to have a plan for these potentially devastating storms; but do your plans involve your pet as well? Sometimes pet’s are left behind in these natural disasters, as their owners underestimate the strength of a storm, or aren’t sure how to help their pet in the event of a surging storm.

This article will provide resources gathered from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to help pet owners in being prepared for a storm.

All items below should be kept together as a ‘go-bag’ if needed to evacuate in case of a natural disaster. Your pet’s health and well-being should be in priority with your own, but sometimes things might get forgotten in a hastily evacuation. Be prepared with these items in your pet’s evacuation kit.


Just like preparing for humans in hurricane season, food and medicine is a must. Make sure your pets have at least two weeks worth of dry or canned food, drinking water and medication. Ensure you have food and water bowls available for them as well. All of these stocked items should be rotated or replaced as needed to ensure they do not expire. Along with any prescription medications your pets may be on, be sure to include flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative as needed. These items are often forgotten and can cause undo suffering for pets due to increase risks of heartworms due to mosquitoes in flood waters.


Along with a human first aid kit, you should ensure you have enough supplies for your pets as well. These are some common items to ensure you include in your kit.

*Antibiotic cream

*Bandage tape and scissors

*Cotton bandage rolls




Many of these items are already located in a human first aid kit, but ensure you have additional supplies for your pets.


Pets have to go to! Dogs and cats will have different needs for their bathroom habits if needing to evacuate, ensure you have some additional supplies for your pets.

*Litter, litter pan and scoop (in a pinch can also use a box with a plastic bag)

*Puppy pads, newspaper, paper towels and trash bags

*Household disinfectants

Disinfectants are thought of to bring, but if accidents happen be prepared with something to help clean up.


*Identification papers, including proof of ownership

*Medical records and medication instructions

*Emergency contact list, including veterinarian and pharmacy

*Photo of your pet

*Microchip number

These documents are easy to keep together, and your veterinarian will generally have most of this information compiled into one place for you.


*Crate or pet carrier, labeled with your contact information

*Extra collar/harness with ID tags and leash

*Flashlight and extra batteries

*Muzzle (if needed, if pet is handled by someone other than you)


*Favorite toys


*Extra blanket or familiar bedding

Hurricanes can be scary, and facing evactuation in a disaster is never easy. Hopefully this list of tips and ideas may help you ensure your pet is more prepared for a natural disaster.


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