Treatment Banks
Our recovery treatment area has heated kennels to keep pets comfortable and warm after their anesthetic procedures.

Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

Wellness exams are performed yearly to ensure the prevention of illness to your pet. Our wellness care consists of a comprehensive physical exam by a veterinarian, immunizations, annual heartworm testing, internal parasite testing, and wellness blood work for all life stages. Routine preventatives including heartworm and flea control can be purchased in clinic or through our online pharmacy. To learn more about our routine wellness visits click here.

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We utilize a fully stocked pharmacy of the best medications in veterinary medicine. If you have specific medication needs for your pet, we are always happy to either special order that medication for you, or sign you up for our home delivery option of medications we might not stock. To learn more about our in clinic preventatives click here.

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Heartworm Treatment

Unfortunately heartworm disease happens, even when owners are careful and consistent with their preventatives. We have a treatment plan for dogs with heartworm disease. Although the road to recovery can be long for dogs with heartworms, we make every attempt for owners and patients to be at ease and comfortable with the pace of the treatment. To learn more about out heartworm treatment protocols click the heartworm treatment button below.

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Illness Appointments

Unexpected illness and accidents can be concerning for pet parents. After a comprehensive examination, we have a multitude of tools within our clinic for diagnostic purposes including a full in-house laboratory, outside labs for specialized testing, and digital radiology which are always sent to board certified radiologist for consultation. To learn more about our in house bloodwork click the link below!

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Online Pharmacy

We try to keep as many medications, preventatives, and foods in stock at all times for our clients and our patients health. But unfortunately there might be instances where we are unable to keep a certain product on our shelves. Fortunately we have an online pharmacy available at all times for our clients. Many prescription and nonprescription medications, preventatives, and foods are available. To use our online store you simply have to be a client of our hospital, and your pet must be a patient of our doctor.

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Routine Surgical Procedures

We offer routine surgical procedures such as spay, castrations, declaws, growth removals and dental cleanings. We utilize ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation to ensure your pet has the safest, most efficient time under general anesthesia. We also offer microchipping at the time of your pet’s surgery, we highly recommend microchipping pets to ensure they are safely reunited with their owners should they accidentally get lost by escaping the yard or in natural disasters. For more information regarding our surgical procedures click here. To fill out our surgical authorization form in advanced click the Surgery button below.


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